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Level 1 Commitment: "I just want to see what this is about."
  • learn more about mindfulness and over a hundred other personal growth strategies and skills,
  • receive copies of the interfering and created behavior analysis,
  • determine your motivational profile,
  • discover how to restructure your thoughts, regulate your emotions, and create habits that work,
  • learn how to create more love in your life and relationships,
  • all based upon the principles of neuropsychology,
  • Read what interests you most and have it ready to use when you need it.

CALIL e-book

Life-1 Training Package: “Creating A Life I LOVE” (eBook only) 

*  Only $9.99

Life-1 Training Package: “Creating A Life I Love!” (e-book only)

Level 2 Commitment: "I'm willing to be coachable."

  • All eight "Creating a Life I LOVE" video training sessions
  • Receive “Creating a Life I LOVE” eBook ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  • That’s the entire eight session mind and body video training system, over twenty years in the making, plus your FREE eBook, for less than $5.00 per session!
  • Work through each session on your own and complete the research proven exercises that build upon the session before it. 

CALIL Video Training
Life-2 Training Package: Life-2 Training Package: “Creating a Life I LOVE ” Video Training plus eBook!

*  Was Only $199.00! NOW  ONLY $39.99!!

Life-2 Training Package: “Creating a Life I Love” Video Training

Level 3 Commitment: "I'm in it to win it!"

If you would like to work with me online or face to face because you have

  • Disturbing memories that on a scale of 0-10 score higher than 2,
  • Disturbing habits that interfere with creating more love in your life,
  • A desire to work with someone you trust to create more love in your life,

CALIL Online Sessions

Life-3 Training Package: Free Consultation, one Trauma Processing or Therapeutic Coaching Session, Video Training and eBook 

*  A FREE 50-minute consultation online or in the office to clarify your goals and see if trauma therapy or therapeutic coaching is right for you.
*  Be completely satisfied after your free consultation or receive a full refund.

*  If after your FREE consultation, you choose to continue, you’ll receive one 50-minute online or in the office trauma therapy or therapeutic coaching session for the discount price of only $100.00! Pay even less with applicable insurance!
*  Receive the "Creating a Life I LOVE” Video Training and eBook upon completion of your first session.
*  Purchase unlimited additional sessions at the same discount price!
*  That’s a $150.00 value FOR ONLY $100.00!

*Your FREE consultation session must be scheduled online at

STEP #1:  Purchase Life-3 Training Package

Life-3 Training Package: Free Consultation plus one Trauma or Therapeutic Coaching Session plus eBook and Video Training

STEP #2:  Schedule your FREE consultation

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